Hemp Oil Tincture – Everything You Need to Know

Hemp-based CBD oil and tinctures are more potent given that it has more CBD in it and less than 0.03% THC. As many people know THC causes high and CBD provides medical benefits. So, its obvious that hemp oil tincture or hemp extract tincture is more popular for medicinal use.

When it comes to choosing an extract, tincture is considered as more potent. It has higher percentage of concentrated CBD in it. Alcohol-based tinctures are more powerful than water-based solvents. You can choose from a oil-based or alcohol-based hemp extract tincture. For medicinal use, tinctures have always been preferred for centuries. It offers a wide range of medical benefits from pain relief to mental relaxation.

Here is everything you need to know about hemp tinctures.

What is Hemp Extract Tincture?

A tincture is a solvent with plant extracts. In this case, hemp plant chemical compounds are extracted into a solvent containing alcohol and water. Different extraction methods are used to extract CBD. One of the methods includes soaking the plant matter into the solvent. The plant releases the chemical compounds into the liquid, making the solvent a highly concentrate form of CBD.

If you want an alcohol-free product then hemp oil tinctures are the best. But they will not offer the same level of potency as alcohol-based ones. Hemp-based CBD is the best of all as the plant doesn’t have much THC in it. This make hemp a great option for making medicinal marijuana.

Hemp Oil Tinctures are Great Pain reliever

CBD offers a wide range of benefits. But the most important one is its pain relief capacity. Its ability to bind with the receptor present in the body and regulate the way pain is perceived, helps in reducing chronic pain.

Pain from treatments like chemotherapy or chronic disease like arthritis, CBD has proved to be an effective pain reliever. Which is why, it is approved as pain reduction alternative medicine. Many users have claimed that hemp oil or CBD tinctures have helped them manage pain. It comes from a plant and usually doesn’t have chemical in it, making it a safe product to be used.

Treats Anxiety & Depression

CBD is known for its calming effects on the brain. It is used to treat or reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. This feature makes it an excellent antidepressant agent. For centuries, plants like cannabis have been used for treating ailments. Due to THC which causes high, it usually gets a bad reputation. But its other benefits cannot be ignored.

Medicinal marijuana is now used in North America for treating conditions like severe pain, anxiety & depression, reduce PTSD symptoms, and more. Hemp extract tincture can offer you a safe treatment alternative. But you have to remember that it is the rapeutic and should not replace actual treatment and medication. For medical condition, it is important to consult a doctor first and then choose alternative treatment.

How Hemp Extract Tincture is Taken

For the CBD to act, it needs to enter the bloodstream. One of the fastest methods is using tincture sublingually. It means putting the liquid under the tongue where it mixes with the saliva and enters the bloodstream. It is fast and effective way to consume CBD. You can also add it to food and drink, but it will take time. The food or drink will first go through the digestive tract and then enter your blood.

Edibles are also available if you want delayed by prolonged CBD effects. They are easy to use and delicious. Edibles gummies have become a popular choice for many.

Hemp extract tincture is convenient, easy to use and have longer shelf life. You only need a few drops and the product can last longer depending on your frequency of use.

Quality Matters When it Comes to Hemp Tinctures

When you are buying hemp oil tincture or hemp extract tincture, make sure that its quality is high. To get the best results and to stay safe, you need to buy authentic products. Correct amount of CBD in tincture is needed to be effective. Read the label or description when buying products. Often times, sellers will misrepresent what is in it. Which is why, you need to find a reliable seller.

The Bottom Line

Hemp oil tincture is effective in treating pain and anxiety and more. It is easy to use and has longer shelf-life. Jhardy Home Health offers high-quality and 100% organic hemp-based products including hemp extract tinctures. We have a wide range of products to choose from.

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