What Vitamins Help with Better Cognitive Function?

Best Cognitive Supplements

Maintaining the wellness of your brain is essential for ideal cognitive function, healthy aging, & quality of life. Cognitive impairment, which might impact people at any age, leads to difficulty with processes like language, judgment, & memory, affecting day-to-day life. Causes of mental decline like brain injury might be out of your control. Nonetheless, other factors that lead to cognitive decline may be treated through dietary, lifestyle approaches & the best cognitive supplements like vitamin supplements for the wellness of the brain.

Supplements offer a wide range of nutrients, including insulated quantities of explicit vitamins, herbs, minerals, & probiotics. In short, they are specially made to substitute what your diet might be lacking. If that sounds too good to be truthful, that is because it is not as easy as stocking up. Just as with anything you put inside your body, it is crucial to stay briefed, both to maximize the outcomes & to protect your brain health.

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Vitamins That Are Good for Cognitive Function

Your CNS (central nervous system), made up of the spinal cord & the brain, relies on vital vitamins to support regular cognitive function & brain health. Taking these vitamins in your diet or as supplemental dietary might help you maintain your cognitive function & prevent conditions like dementia. 

So, before you search for the best cognitive supplements, take a look at some vitamins that are good for cognitive function.

1-Beta-carotene or Vitamin A

Beta-carotene (β-carotene), a precursor to vitamin A in your body, is found in many colorful fruits & vegetables. One research of octogenarians & centenarians found that serum levels of specific nutrients, including beta-carotene, were positively related to cognition. 

Moreover, a randomized controlled test that considered the effects of long-term beta-carotene supplementation in males over sixty-five years old found that long-term supplementation (an average of eighteen years) was related with a relatively higher global score compared to the efficacy group. In this research, the global score included tests of general cognition, category fluency, & verbal memory.

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2-Vitamin B 

The eight vitamin Bs are a bunch of water-soluble vitamins involved in several cellular functions all over your body. As a bunch, they contribute to your cognitive functions by supporting reactions involved in the synthesis & repair of RNA & DNA, energy production, methylation, & production of numerous signaling molecules & chemicals used by your nervous system. 

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A systematic review of people over forty years old not having dementia found that consuming B vitamins, including B12 (cobalamin), B9 (folate), & B6 (pyridoxine), for at least three months enhanced episodic memory & global cognition. A study suggests that for people deficient in one or many of these B vitamins, supplementing with a supplement like B-complex might be more beneficial for their brain health instead of taking insulated vitamin supplements.

3-Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a vital water-soluble vitamin that should be obtained from nutritional sources as it can't be produced by your body. Many kinds of research have proven several roles of vitamin C in your brain, which includes neurotransmitter function, supporting neurodevelopment, formation of blood vessels (angiogenesis), & antioxidant function. Moreover, vitamin C bolsters the regeneration of other antioxidants like vitamin E & glutathione.

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One review analysis that examined the correlation between levels of vitamin C & cognitive performance in both cognitively impaired & healthy people found that the cognitively intact people had higher blood concentrations of C vitamin. 

4-Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered one of the best vitamins for cognitive functions. It is a group composed of 8 natural compounds, in particular tocotrienols & tocopherols. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects against the development of reactive oxygen species & might help ward off chronic conditions related to these harmful free radicals.

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One study analyzed the levels of vitamin E compounds in mature persons with MCI (mild cognitive impairment) & AD (Alzheimer's disease), a form of dementia. However, the researchers discovered that low levels of tocotrienols & tocopherols were related to an increased risk of AD & MCI.

5-Vitamin K 

Vitamin K is another fat-soluble vitamin found in food as K1 (phylloquinone) & various menaquinones (types of K2). In your nervous system, this vitamin helps in activating specific proteins related to nerve cell survival & bolsters the synthesis of sphingolipids (a compound of the myelin sheath that protects nerves). 

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Insufficiency of vitamin K is related to low behavioral & cognitive function. On the other hand, higher levels of K1 (phylloquinone) are related to higher verbal anecdotal memory, a feature of memory performance. Moreover, experimental studies illustrate that MK-4 (menaquinone-4) might protect against swelling & oxidative stress.


Supporting your brain health & avoiding cognitive decline is crucial at any age. Proof shows that particular nutrients & brain function are very closely related; on the other hand, insufficiency of specific nutrients might result in depleted cognitive function. 

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