Summit Delta-8 Gummies 750mg total 30 gummies Hemp Infused

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Introducing to our line a super great product and very popular today across America..the

Delta-8 Hemp Infused Gummies from Summit...Highest of quality of hemp within

delicious Gummies... Each Gummie contain 25mg CBD,,Total of 750 mg in container of 30

gummies.. in 4 great flavors..

This product does not contain above the legal limit of THC...less than .3% thc ..

Consult a physician especially if subject to drug testing for thc can show up in any drug test from any cbd product...even thc free.. can cause a psychactive affect, some drowsiness and feeling of well being... Read product info on label for more information.

Suggested retail price 65-70.00... Introductory price much lower plus free shipping..

for your can scan the image at bottom of bottle and get specific lab results and information.